We are an Interior Designer firm in Birmingham Alabama. We have started this blog as a record of all the beautiful things that we find which inspire us. It also is a portfolio of our past and current works. Our style is to create spaces that inspire while providing a sense of comfort and home. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

fabric, fabric, fabric.

Yesterday was so cool! Okay, well let me explain. After folding what felt like 723981739827 fabrics in the morning, I had officially decided that I did not care to see another linen, wool, cotton, or mohair for quite some time. Little did I know just how much fabric would actually be part of my day.

A little later on, a representative from one of the big fabric companies paid a visit at the store. I thought to myself- oh this will be fun, a few pieces of fabric. Wrong, this man came in with a suitcase of some of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen. He gracefully laid each one of the large samples onto the table for us to see and feel. A large reason that this was so fun was Marjorie. There could be no better audience for a show of such beautiful things. Each time a fabric appeared that caught her eye, she would exclaim, "how fabulouuuus", and we just had to smile. Her enthusiasm for beautiful things is infectious. Further, what was even more enlightening, was her knowledge of the fabrics. I felt like I was back in class as I was given a mini-lesson on the origin and technique of each fabric. With her descriptions these already beautiful things became absolutely "fabulouuus" in my eyes as well. With the knowledge of how they are made came a new appreciation for the time and effort spent on each fabric. I was also struck by the value of such goods. Sure, one could say a fabric is a fabric. But yesterday I learned that it can be so much more. It is a delicate piece of artwork to behold and it can bring a new dimension to any room. So do not pass up the chance to fill a room with beautiful fabric. Rather, take joy in the small beauties in our surroundings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just a little jewelry...

Well let me just say, I completely underestimated how tiring this job could be. Though incredibly fun and interesting, it is no small task. Each day has been full to the brim with thinking along with lots and lots of doing. I have had the opportunity this week to accompany MJ to several client's homes. It was fascinating to see how she worked with her clients. All interactions were approached with so much energy and excitement that the past few days have seemed to pass in no time. Its been so cool to see how MJ can completely transform a space with only a few minor changes. I constantly found myself wondering how one little change could really amount to anything. However, I was repeatedly amazed to see how these "little" changes worked together to truly revolutionize a room.

Here is a list of a couple things i've learned this week:

1. lampshades. lampshades. lampshades. For all of us who thought that lampshades were just cones that set on top of lamps, we we wrong. They can actually be a pivotal addition to a room.

MJ always says lamps are like jewelry in a room. I like to think that if lamps were jewelry they'd be earrings. They tend to sparkle like earrings and they also look great in pairs (one for each ear of course). This is why its very important to choose the right shade because the shade can be the difference between good earrings and fabulous earrings.

2. Pillows. Pillows could also be considered jewelry in a room. Hmmm... perhaps they are bracelets? Often we think "its only a pillow", but a pillow can be just the change a room needs. We are loving these pillows:


aren't they wonderful? Don't stop here. There are many other gorgeous pillows to be found!

3. Flowers. There is no better time to spruce up a room by adding a gorgeous bouquet. Here are a couple things to remember when arranging flowers.


Hope everyone is enjoying Summer so far! Look forward to sharing some fun pictures with you soon!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The Intern"

My name is Katherine and this summer I have the privilege of interning at Marjorie Johnston & Co. To say that I am excited about this opportunity would be an understatement. As long as I can remember, I have been enthralled with beautiful things. I love the idea of transforming the spaces in which we live into something that invites you in, a truly lovely space. Spaces like these can captivate the imagination and the heart. They are places not only to live but dwellings in which we think, create, and enjoy. I am excited to see the process of creating such a space. I will use this blog to take you along on the adventure of creating beautiful spaces. I will share with you our inspirations, work, and other fun ideas. Happy reading!!